miércoles, 18 de abril de 2012

"Petit H"

A bag becomes a wall clock and a silk scarf is turned into a bag – the Hermès ‘Petit H’ Creative Lab does exactly that – they turn left overs from the brand into great one off items. Artists and designers work in the Petit H lab and turn leather, crystals and other scraps into designer objects. The outcome is very impressive.
Originally started in 2009, we can take a look today at some of the objects that were produced in the lab. The wall clock and the leather origami bear sculpture, as well as the silk covered cabinets are for us the most impressive.
 Sweet & short little video by Partizan/Darkroom for luxury brand Hermès. Directed by Mary Clerté & Edouard Bertrand, the video animates colorful and witty way a little H or better a “Petit H”.

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