sábado, 21 de noviembre de 2009

Paper Planes Cocktail Presentation At Hamptons Shop, Barcelona 19th Of November

Paper Planes celebrated his first presentation in Barcelona last thursday 19th of November at Hamptons Shop. Artists, photographers, stylists, designers, models, make-up artists, pr agencies... Friends, friends, and more friends wanted to support the first event of the magazine in town with music and Tanqueray gin tonics. Thanks people for come!!!
Marta, Photographer Daniel Riera and Carlos Ramírez Editor of Paper Planes
Art Director of Paper Planes Ana Mirats and Stylist Unai Telleria
Artist Silvia Prada
Model Maike Lüdenbach
Leire and Marc, Hamptons Shop Owners
Trends Blogger Gemma Requena
Xavier and Photographer David Urbano
Tanqueray and Joel, our Cokctail Man
Make Up Artist Jenny
Angel Schelesser PR Marta Mantilla and Stylist Unai Telleria
Ana Mirats and Designer Johana Ahlberg
Fran Casado
Left, Make Up Artist Juan Cansado
Left, Photograoher JM Ferrater
Karina, Sytlist Ana de Gregoria and Daniela
Illustrator Marcela Gutierrez, Carolina Otaduy and Patricia de Gregorio
Art Director Maruxa Alvar
Poncho aka Dj Bluku and Journalist ALex Ceball
Stylist Nirave Sánchez and Juan
Jozo Novac From Bamboo Agency
Pics by Rodrigo Manzano

Paper Planes Video Promo

Paper Planes Issue#02 from ana on Vimeo.