miércoles, 27 de mayo de 2009

Paper Planes // Nike with the Spanish Cinema

Nike made a presentation at Isolee concept store and Paper Planes was there to share some cocktails and nice conversations with the spanish actors. There we found some cool actors from the cinema scene and Paper Planes took some pics of them.

Actress Natalia Verbeke and Carlos Ramírez the Editor in Chief of Paper Planes

Parsida from Camper, Actors Alejo Saura and Alex Barahona and Chic from Nike

Carlos Ramírez, Chic from Nike and Casting Director Luis San Narciso

Actress Cristina Brondo and Chic

Actress Neus Asensi

Actor Israel Rodríguez and Chic from Nike

Chic and Actress Fanny Gautier

Chic, Actresses Maria Pujalte and Johana Cobo from the Almodovar movie Volver

Carlos Ramírez and actor Javier Calvo

Maria Brondo and actor Jan Cornet

Actress Maria Valverde, Chic and Maria´s agent

Actress Lluvia Rojo and Chic

Pics: Pepino Marino

lunes, 25 de mayo de 2009

Paper Planes flies to Milano

Paper Planes went to Milano to spend good time with hot friends at Pink is Punk Party (Magazzini Generali). Good music and really cool people.

Artist Silvia Prada and Kim Ann Foxman from Hercules & Love Affair

Stylist Marcelo Burlon who organizes the Pink is Punk Parties at Magazzini Generali

Silvia Prada and Camilla from Jil Sander

jueves, 21 de mayo de 2009

Paper Planes Launch Cocktail Madrid

Parsida from Camper and Actress Wanda Obreke

Actor Ignacio and Johan from MTV

Arturo from Malaga Film Festival and Pepe from Kuranda

Antonio from Kuranda, Parsida from Camper, Chic from Nike, Javi from HD and Jesús

Inés and Lucas from El País

Daniel from Vanidad Magazine


And more friends

Pics: Pepino Marino