miércoles, 4 de abril de 2012


Blood For Poppies

Following the amazing “Blood For Poppies”, Garbage have premiered their official UK single “Battle In Me”. About the video Shirley Manson explains it's inspired by the Luis Buñuel and René Magritte's work. Matt Irwin and Aaron Brown sing the video.

Battle In Me
“Battle In Me” is a return to the classic Garbage of their debut, but with the industrial edge of Bleed Like Me. Shirley Manson sounds just as fiery as ever (if not more), shouting the lyrics with a snarl amidst a sea of jagged guitar riffs and distorted electronica.
This one is definitely for the old-school fans, and with its heaver sound and more decipherable lyrics than “Blood For Poppies”, “Battle In Me” could end up being the most loved of the two singles.

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