jueves, 7 de julio de 2011

Rad Hourani / Mykro Book Launch

Although mostly known for his work as a designer, rad hourani is Primarily interested in conveying a vision, he uses design as a tool, as much as photography, film, and now a book collaboration with Mykromag.

With this book, rad hourani and mykromag attempts to offer the reader a quite intimate look into rad hourani's world through former model Viviane Fauny. Fauny, a top model of the 70s, has been Working with avedon, penn and newton. Ageless, distinguished and connected, her convictions reflect those of the rad hourani movement. She is the centerpiece of a generation spanning journey, cross -interviewing family and friends, portraying them through rad's lense.

All portraits are shot by Rad Hourani between new york and paris, All clothing by Rad Hourani.

500 limted edition printed issues – available from 1st of july

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