viernes, 7 de octubre de 2011

Tavi´s Overdose

Tavi is omnipresent and we can say it cause these days in Paris we saw posters and posters of this little girl everywhere we looked at. I think that she is a bit scary cause she is super young, just fifteen, but at the same time she looks like and old woman. Sometimes I think about her like poor girl who doesn´t knows where she is into, I mean fashion system. It´s admirable her career, she started her blog with twelve years old and now she is the gurú for the new fashion generation. L´Officiel celebrated it´s 90th anniversary featuring Tavi Gevinson by Jean-Paul Goude. We knew she was on the cover but we didn´t knew we would have Tavi faces around us. Where we are going? What will be next? 

Tavi´s Cover

Paris Different Locations

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